Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Mehman Ibragimov has been appointed to the
Affiliations Committee as new members. In addition, four incumbent members
-- Rosie Stephenson-Goodkinght, Sami Mlouhi, Olushola Olaniyan and Emna
Mizouni - have been re-appointed for an additional term. Please join me in
welcoming our new and returning members. You can find the updated list here

The committee extends its profound gratitude to Kirill Loskin (former Chair
during the last two years) and Maor Malul (former Chair previously), who
were stepping down after having served five and respectively six years on
the committee and to everyone who participated in the recent selection
process, whether by standing as a candidate or by providing feedback on the

Camelia Boban on behalf of AffCom

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