Hi everyone,

Community conversations are underway, and I’d like to thank everyone
who has taken the time to read through the recommendations and provide
input. Here are some further updates and insights:

== Share your feedback about the recommendations via email ==
We have heard many requests to be able to share feedback in a
non-public forum, and you can now share your feedback with us via

This account is monitored by members of my team [1] and your feedback
will be considered in the summary report.

== Ask us anything at the movement strategy office hours ==
We’ve received lots of questions about how community input has been
incorporated, who produced this work, and more, and set up office
hours this week. Join in at the following times to ask your questions
and discuss strategy:
* Thursday, January 30 from 8:00 UTC (one hour):
* Thursday, January 30 from 18:00 UTC (one hour):

In the meantime, here are a few quick notes of clarification for some
common questions:

=== How has community input been incorporated? ===
From March to September 2019, community input was documented and
analyzed by a team of community strategy liaisons [2]. This was
presented in a series of summary reports [3] and shared with working
groups, who began working community feedback into their draft
recommendations following Wikimania in August.

To help create this current set of recommendations, community strategy
liaisons again analyzed community feedback and compiled it according
to key themes. Between October 2019 and January 2020, they worked very
closely with the writers to help make sense of the feedback and assist
them in integrating applicable community input.

To highlight all the ways that community feedback was utilized, there
are footnotes and community input summaries (linked in the left-hand
navigation menu) on each recommendation page. All these reports and
blog posts can be found on the reports page [4].

=== Who produced this work? ===
A team of 15 Wikimedians [5] drafted this work. This writing group was
made up of former thematic area working group members from different
backgrounds and from all parts of our movement: online contributors,
volunteers, affiliate representatives, and WMF staff. They have
offered some insight into their work and why they took this on in
their Writer’s Reflections [6].

Check the FAQs page [7] for more, and suggest what questions we should add.

== Additional formats for reviewing the recommendations ==
If you would prefer to listen to, rather than read, the
recommendations, we’ve created audio files in English for each section
of the content [8].

Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado) has created a one-page summary of the
recommendations that gives a good, compact overview of each
recommendation. An updated version has been posted in Arabic [9],
English [10], and Hindi [11] and further translations will be uploaded
this week as they become available. I’d like to thank Andrew for this,
and am looking forward to seeing more of these proactive initiatives
from across the movement.

Community conversations will run for another four weeks, and I
encourage you to continue contributing your input about the
recommendations [12]. We are especially looking for constructive
feedback on how to improve the document or where more context is

Thanks for taking part and following along with what’s going on with
movement strategy!

[4] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Strategy/Wikimedia_movement/2018-20/Reports

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