Hello Aron,

First, a few disclaimers. I don't speak for Karen or the Ombuds, but
I've briefly looked at your case. I don't have access to the
information that ENWP Arbcom has, and I generally assume that ENWP
Arbcom is competent and acts in good faith.

In general, there is a problem with backlogs. The community does not
have sufficient human resources to keep up with needs and wants for
numerous services. Also, volunteers can come and go as we wish,
although many of us try to be somewhat reliable. There have also been
backlogs at WMF, such as for requests in the Rapid Grants program and
requests for fixes to technical issues.

My impression from the public reports is that the Ombuds Commission
often moves slowly. I understand why you raise the issue here, and I
think some additional transparency from the Ombuds Commission
regarding the status of cases would be good when updates can be
provided in a way that preserves confidentiality of nonpublic
information. Two things that the Ombuds Commission could do are
publish monthly status updates that give a high level overview of its
activities, and provide individual monthly status updates in private
to everyone who has referred a case to them.

If the Ombuds Commission eventually decides in your favor, there may
need to be some other issues resolved before your ENWP block would be

I encourage you to focus your time elsewhere while your case slowly
moves along. If you have a track record of constructive editing on
non-ENWP wikis, I think that this would be beneficial to your case if
ENWP Arbcom or other people on ENWP decide to reconsider the block
there. Also, you might find that focusing elsewhere decreases your
stress level.

I hope that this information is helpful.

( https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine )

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