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Back in August, the Wikimedia Foundation posted
 about privacy enhancement and abuse mitigation.[1] In short: The rules
about the use of personally identifiable information on the internet are
coming under more and more scrutiny, and we have to figure out how to
respond to the incoming changes without adding to the burden of those who
keep the Foundation's wikis free from vandalism, harassment, and spam.

*There are three proposed ideas*[2] that would benefit from your
feedback *at the
talk page*.[3] What are some costs, benefits and risks we might be
overlooking? How can we improve upon these ideas? What sounds exciting,
what sounds sub-optimal?

You are invited to translate the project page or share the page with others
who might be interested. You also can privately give feedback by email. [4 ]




4.  https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:EmailUser/SPoore_(WMF)

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Anti-harassment tools team
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