In late February, Wikimedia Ukraine held its General Assembly.

The General Assembly has reviewed the organization's activity in 2019. You
can find our 2019 annual report at
https://ua.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7367 (in Ukrainian) or at
(in English, in the form of a grant report).

Among other things, the General Assembly has also elected new Board and
Audit Committee [1].

The new Board consists of:
* Illia Korniiko (user Ilya), Chair of the Board
* Bohdan Melnychuk (user Base), First Deputy Chair and Secretary of the
* Mykola Kozlenko (user NickK), Deputy Chair and Treasurer
* Igor Turzhanskyy (user IgorTurzh), responsible for our program “Content
Enrichment”, which includes editing challenges and contests, photography
contests and GLAM
* Nataliia Lastovets (user EleNte), responsible for the program “Increasing
Participation”, which centers on the Wikipedia Education Program, as well
as Wikimarathon and diversity initiatives.
* Pavlo Sokhan (user Friend), responsible for the program “Community
Support and Development”, which includes community events, training for
volunteers, scholarships, and microgrants.
* Anton Obozhyn (user Tohaomg), responsible for the programs “Awareness
about Wikimedia” and “Advocacy”, which are concentrated on media publicity,
promotion activities, and free panorama advocacy.

Congratulations to Bohdan and Anton, who have been elected to the Board for
the first time, and thanks to the previous Board's members Yulianna Tsaruk
and Oleksandr Havryk, who decided not to seek reelection.

Our new Audit Committee consists of three people:
* Oleksandr Havryk (user Олександр Гаврик)
* Ihor Makovskyi (user Mcoffsky)
* Viacheslav Mamon (user Venzz)

Congratulations to Oleksandr and Ihor for having been elected to the Audit
Committee for the first time, and thanks to Anna Khrobolova and Anton
Obozhyn, who decided to pursue different paths.

On the day before the General Assembly, we held a strategy session to
discuss Wikimedia Ukraine's strategic plan for 2020—2022 [2], as well as to
give feedback to international Movement Strategy Recommendation. The
feedback from participants has been posted on Meta [3].

1. https://ua.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=313 (in Ukrainian)
2. https://ua.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7089

Best regards,
Illia Korniiko
Chair of the Board of Wikimedia Ukraine
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