It looks like this list was skipped in providing an update in asking for
feedback (or I missed something - in which case, my apologies). I'm just a
random passer by who was wondering why this wasn't shared yet.

The Wikimedia branding process seems to have moved to yet another phase on
March 1 (I think?), allowing for a feedback phase to define one more
'concept' besides the 23 that have been defined (again: I think. The
communication is a bit confusing to me, sorry). Deadline is March 17 (5-6
days from now).

The process should be explained here: (scroll down, the concepts are
actually on that page below the text. Yes, those blocks.)

It turns out that at the very bottom in the footer, there's a link to a
wikipage where you should be able to engage:

on that meta page however, they seem to rather recommend to engage on
Facebook (a closed group
<>) or on Wikimedia
Space (!sic).

Anyhow, at a first glance those concepts look fine, but that'd be true for
many sets of 23 buzzwords :). I don't have enough insights into the
consequences of these choices, or how they got together, but hopefully the
communications team can share that at some point better than me.
Other people here may have more informed opinions than me.

-- Lodewijk
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