There is a lot that is making me happy this week. I'm happy that I'm back
to contributing to "On The Bright Side" and the "What's Making You Happy
This Week?" threads again because it's something I look forward to. It's
nice to think and reflect upon the positivity across the Wikimedia
movement. I'm also thankful to Pine for helping me send this email in plain
text formatting.

This week, I read an interesting article from Wired entitled "Wikipedia Is
The Last Best Place On The Internet". A link to the article can be found
here: [1]. I really enjoyed reading this, and I agree that Wikipedia really
has come a long way since 2007. The extent of Wikipedia's influence has
grown considerably and has had such an impact on the world today that I
really couldn't even imagine what the world would be like without it.

I am looking forward to the start of the Wikigap Challenge [2], which is
taking place on March 8, 2020. This challenge is receiving help from the UN
Human Rights Office [3] which is incredible and not something that happens
everyday. However, it seems like there's always something interesting going
on when I check Wikimedia-l, and that's thanks to the dedicated efforts of
countless editors.

Here's a photo of the launch of Wikigap 2020 in Naga City,
The photo is by User:Filipinayzd. [4]

What’s making you happy this week? You are welcome to write in any language.
You are also welcome to start a WMYHTW thread next week.

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to User:Julle [5] and User:Vesihiisi [6] for the Swedish translation.

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