> Hello,

I am writing to invite anyone to join the next online meeting of Wikimedia
Café on Saturday 28 March 2020 4:30 PM UTC. Details for joining are at
----> (video room open at that time) https://virginia.zoom.us/my/wikilgbt

The agenda for this month includes discussing COVID-19 and Wikipedia and
how Wikimedia community members feel about WMF/community relations.

Wikimedia Café is a modest, one-hour, monthly online meeting which for the
past few months has had fewer than 10 attendees. At these meetings anyone
can propose to discuss any topic of broad Wikimedia community interest, as
if we all were able to meet in person over coffee. The meetings themselves
are an experiment in small group Wikimedia community conversation with
video chat, phone access options, and online shared notetaking. Please see
WikiProject Remote Event Participation for more information about this
general style of online event.

   - Anyone interested in joining may do so.
   - Anyone interested in reading notes of past meetings can find them on
   the meta page.
   - If there is anyone who wants to get their ideas published in the wiki
   world, consider looking at how this Café works, because voice chat with
   notetaking could be a way to organize your own wiki community.

Thanks Pine for performing as host in this and thanks to anyone who submits
topics for discussion or who is able to join.

Lane Rasberry
user:bluerasberry on Wikipedia
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