Dear everyone,

Since some in-person meetups are now moved to online spaces, including
ones based on videoconferencing, I've been thinking if it would be
possible (or maybe it is already being considered) to host a Jitsi Meet
or other comparable solution on the WMF infrastructure, just like we do
with Etherpad, to off-load the other instances currently under heavy
load and gain some independence?

I'm asking about Jitsi Meet in particular because it's the only tool I
know that:

1) Doesn't require any registration process or any personal information
   from attendees, besides their IP address and browser fingerprint;
2) Doesn't require installation of any third-party software except an
   up-to-date web browser;
3) Can be hosted by a trusted organization.

I think it might be appropriate for WMF to host an instance, since
currently the other avaliable Jitsi Meet instances might be under an
exceptionally high load. For instance, I see FramaSoft closing their
instance with a message explaining they can't handle the load imposed by

I'm unsure what is the appropriate channel to submit such proposal,
hence I'm asking here for some direction.

P.S. I know Jitsi Meet is not optimal for large number of participants,
but it may be one of the available solutions for small groups.

Yury Bulka

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