Hello Dumisani ,

I would like to remind you of the questions in this thread, although I
understand that there may be some delays in getting responses due to
the issues with Covid-19.

I have not looked into the new portal and I don't have an opinion
about it, but I hope that affiliates will find it to be an

I have one point that I would like to make. Protection of a page is an
administrative action, and I do not believe that any WMF staff should
make content administrative actions on Meta unless under exceptional
circumstances such as a legal mandate. If WMF wants a page on Meta to
be protected, then WMF should make a request to a community
administrator for page protection, which the administrator may
independently decide whether to grant. If WMF wants more control over
content, then a more appropriate venue for affiliate reports would be
one of the WMF wikis instead of a (mostly) community wiki. I feel that
it is important that WMF staff not encroach on the jurisdiction of the
community such as by making administrative actions, however small,
that can and should be done instead by community administrators.


( https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine )

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