I read about the beautiful COVID-19 Wikiproject here on wikimedia-l, and
through Twitter, about the Italian, German en English Wikipedia giving the
relevant articles on COVID-19 their own box on the front page, to inform
readers looking for information.

We discussed this
on the Dutch language Wikipedia and concluded that our community is to
small and not knowledgable enough, to act as health information portal. We
have governmental institutes in place where people are being directed if
they want to know what to do and what not. These websites will always be
more up to date, and also there is no (large-scaled) mistrust in the
measures that are now being taken.

Therefore, the community decided to take a different approach: through our
featured article section on the main page
<https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoofdpagina>, we now highlight articles to
put the COVID-19 in a broader perspective.
Today's FA is on Alexander Fleming (Nobel prize winner for his discovery of
penicillin), the upcoming days for instance will be about the Spanish flu
(the influenza epidemic that hit Europe just after WW1) and about
Decamerone (for some reading inspiration).

Maybe a thought for other small communities, that wrestle with the same

Vriendelijke groet,
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