Hello, all.

With the Board’s recent statement, this seems like a good time to launch
the quarterly office hours I’ve been wanting to create for people who want
to talk to me about issues involving “community resilience and
sustainability,” including the work of Trust & Safety, whom I oversee.
(after months of wanting to do this I’ve come to realize that I will always
be "too busy" to feel like it's the perfect time for this. So I’m going to
do it now anyway!)

There’ve been requests to make office hours more personal, so I will host a
Zoom hangout where people can join me, but I'll also take questions from
Telegram and IRC.[1] I know that finding an hour that works for everybody
is not going to happen, and I know from past office hours I’ve been
involved in that I may get far more questions than I can answer (or,
contrarily, nothing at all :)). Nevertheless, I will do my best to answer
questions posed to me in that hour by Wikimedians in good standing (not
Foundation or community banned) and to follow up in writing with any I
don’t have time for over the next few days or week or so, time allowing. I
might aggregate similar questions into a kind of FAQ. We’ll publish notes,
anonymizing those who’ve asked questions, after.

I do, however, have the following caveats:


   I can’t and won’t discuss specific Trust & Safety cases. Instead, I can
   discuss Trust & Safety protocols and practices and approaches as well as
   some of the mistakes we’ve made, some of the things I’m proud of, and some
   of the things we’re hoping to do.

   I will not respond to comments or questions that are disrespectful to
   me, to my colleagues, or to anyone in our communities. I can talk civilly
   about our work even if you disagree with me or I disagree with you. I won’t
   compromise on this.

I’m not sure if I will stick with Zoom as the way I do office hours
forever, but I am responding to some requests for spoken interaction while
also trying to provide text options for those who prefer. I admit to being
a little camera shy myself, so this is a challenge for me! If I embarrass
myself too badly, I may retreat to the safety of text in future.

I was hoping to have the Zoom link already, but while that’s being
expedited by our office technology team, I don’t have it yet. I wanted to
give interested people notice as soon as I knew the time. I’ll follow up
with links again at least two hours in advance.

The meeting will be on June 4th at 1800 UTC.

I hope to see you there.



[1] Zoom link; Telegram link: https://t.me/joinchat/DOlGIB1FRLUWqW9iB3qfTQ;
directions for participating in IRC:

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