Thank you, Maggie for the kind update, I am looking forward to it.

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Rajeeb Dutta.
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> On 30-May-2020, at 2:53 PM, Ziko van Dijk <> wrote:
> Thanks for the link, Ciell, I easily get confused about time zones.
> I am looking forward to attend on June 4th, if it is possible for me.
> Kind regards
> Ziko
>> Am Fr., 29. Mai 2020 um 20:20 Uhr schrieb Ciell Wikipedia <
>> This will be very interesting, thank you Maggie.
>> (To check your local time for this office hour: click here
>> <
>>> )
>> Vriendelijke groet,
>> Ciell
>> Op do 28 mei 2020 om 14:03 schreef Maggie Dennis <>:
>>> Hello, all.
>>> With the Board’s recent statement, this seems like a good time to launch
>>> the quarterly office hours I’ve been wanting to create for people who
>> want
>>> to talk to me about issues involving “community resilience and
>>> sustainability,” including the work of Trust & Safety, whom I oversee.
>>> (after months of wanting to do this I’ve come to realize that I will
>> always
>>> be "too busy" to feel like it's the perfect time for this. So I’m going
>> to
>>> do it now anyway!)
>>> There’ve been requests to make office hours more personal, so I will
>> host a
>>> Zoom hangout where people can join me, but I'll also take questions from
>>> Telegram and IRC.[1] I know that finding an hour that works for everybody
>>> is not going to happen, and I know from past office hours I’ve been
>>> involved in that I may get far more questions than I can answer (or,
>>> contrarily, nothing at all :)). Nevertheless, I will do my best to answer
>>> questions posed to me in that hour by Wikimedians in good standing (not
>>> Foundation or community banned) and to follow up in writing with any I
>>> don’t have time for over the next few days or week or so, time allowing.
>> I
>>> might aggregate similar questions into a kind of FAQ. We’ll publish
>> notes,
>>> anonymizing those who’ve asked questions, after.
>>> I do, however, have the following caveats:
>>>   -
>>>   I can’t and won’t discuss specific Trust & Safety cases. Instead, I
>> can
>>>   discuss Trust & Safety protocols and practices and approaches as well
>> as
>>>   some of the mistakes we’ve made, some of the things I’m proud of, and
>>> some
>>>   of the things we’re hoping to do.
>>>   -
>>>   I will not respond to comments or questions that are disrespectful to
>>>   me, to my colleagues, or to anyone in our communities. I can talk
>>> civilly
>>>   about our work even if you disagree with me or I disagree with you. I
>>> won’t
>>>   compromise on this.
>>> I’m not sure if I will stick with Zoom as the way I do office hours
>>> forever, but I am responding to some requests for spoken interaction
>> while
>>> also trying to provide text options for those who prefer. I admit to
>> being
>>> a little camera shy myself, so this is a challenge for me! If I embarrass
>>> myself too badly, I may retreat to the safety of text in future.
>>> I was hoping to have the Zoom link already, but while that’s being
>>> expedited by our office technology team, I don’t have it yet. I wanted to
>>> give interested people notice as soon as I knew the time. I’ll follow up
>>> with links again at least two hours in advance.
>>> The meeting will be on June 4th at 1800 UTC.
>>> I hope to see you there.
>>> Best,
>>> Maggie
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>>> ;
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