Dear Wikimedians,

We trust you are keeping safe during this global state of flux.

This email is to affirm that WikiIndaba Steering Committee (WISCom)
continues to be committed to support the Wikimedia User Group in Uganda in
its bid to organise and host WikiIndaba Conference 2021. We were working
closely with the local organising committee and Wikimedia Foundation to
organise the event before the suspension of all in-person Wikimedia events,
and we continue to do so in order to ensure we have a memorable and
impactful conference when everything returns back to normalcy.

Seeing that we now have more time to plan for the programme, scholarships
and other logistics, we ask that you take advantage of the available time
to think deeply about the value that  your participation can add to the
conference.  We hope that from now till the time of the call for
participation you will think about  important questions that will help us
structure the programme to suit your needs, opportunities that the
conference can bring to your community and concerns that need broader
consensus and support from the larger community.

We will announce further developments as they unfold and we look forward to
working with you all in the future to make Wiki Indaba a good place for
Africans and the diaspora to connect on topics of interest and action.

Best regards,

WikiIndaba Steering Committee (WISCom)
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