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> It doesn't answer any of your questions, but I've just stumbled upon this
> and thought you might be interested: 2019 Governance Review
> <
> https://foundation.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Board_Veritas_Governance_Recommendations_Final_Public_Copy.pdf
> >
> Thanks for the link. That is an interesting read. On page 11:
*"4. Commission a stakeholder analysis to expose and address instances
where goals and priorities of the community and the Foundation may be at

I am interested to read a stakeholder analysis. So far, I haven't found one
in the Wikimedia Movement 2030 strategy process, but I might have
overlooked it. Who are our stakeholders? What are their needs? What needs
are unmet? How important are those stakeholders for the movement, how
important are we for those stakeholders? How powerful are those

Veritas recommended; "The Foundation should commission a task force or
third party to conduct a thorough Stakeholder Analysis "
Has a task force of third been commissioned to conduct a thorough
stakeholder analysis?

Veritas recommended as the first priority next step on page 19:
Commission a stakeholder analysis and/or utilize a task force to gain a
full understanding of instances where goals and priorities of the
Movement/community and the Foundation may vary or be at odds, so that these
can be properly addressed by the board and CEO in partnership, utilizing
community input.

So please, I would like to know what step the board or CEO has taken
regarding stakeholder analysis.


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