Hi Pine,

On 2020-06-05 00:29, Pine W wrote:
> I don't know what all was going on inside of WMF, but I would have
> wanted an outsider -- that is, not someone inside of WMF -- to review
> the actions of the staff, similar to how police departments are
> sometimes reviewed by outside agencies after high profile incidents,
> and I would want the report from that review to be public. Given my
> perspective on what happened, I think that at least one WMF staff
> person probably should have been demoted or fired, and perhaps more
> than one, up to and including Katherine. However, I don't have enough
> information to decide what accountability measures should have been
> taken.

So by your own account, you don't have enough information, yet you're
still calling for people to be fired. We went over this in January -
stop it.



-- Legoktm

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