I'm trying to respond to this calmly here.

I request we think about the issues from some more angles.

I feel somewhat defensive, but not combative. I hope that this makes sense.

English Wikipedia took an enormous amount of volunteer effort to
build, and volunteers are people too. Some of us, like WMF staff, are
aware of risks to ourselves from our participation.

When people cause problems on wiki, such as with undisclosed paid
editing, we have a range of ways that we respond to that, including
blocking people. English Wikipedia is like a country, and as with any
county we need to deal with people who create problems, ranging from
minor issues to major issues. Maggie discussed some of the major
issues in her office hour, and I appreciate her and WMF trying to
address them.

We don't accept citizens and government employees doing whatever they
want. For example, if an administrator on English Wikipedia uses their
administrative permissions to lock a page from being edited when they
are involved in the content dispute, that lock will probably be
overruled. Depending on the administrator's past conduct, they may be
given anything from a reminder to a removal of their administrative

One of the important concerns regarding the activities in the wiki is
that people aren't getting the support that they need when they are
feeling attacked.

I don't have answers to many problems in our world and on wiki, and I
think that none of us are claiming to. However, I'm certain that in
some circumstances, removing people is the right thing to do.

If this comes across as "Pine thinks that he has all the answers" or
something like that, please, please contact me off list, and let's
find a time to have a voice conversation.


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