Basque Wikimedians User Group (BWUG) is proud to announce the creation of 
WikiBizi1, a project created as a summer proposal for COVID-19 times. It will 
gather an open travel guide of the Basque Country, three photo-contests 
superseding our current WikiLoves__________ contests and GLAM collaborations. 
The main project page is here:

1Bizi means both life and live:

== An open travel guide ==
This will be a very special summer: without mass-tourism, without long 
travelling and without festivals, many people is engaging in short excursions. 
BWUG thought that this could be a great opportunity to start working in an open 
travel guide, but creating an instance of Wikivoyage would be out of scope. So 
we have created an open travel guide at Wikibooks: Every municipality 
has been linked to Wikipedia 
(, and we 
have agreed with Berria newspaper (the only newspaper in Basque, which is 
published under cc-by-sa license) to take all their travel routes and upload 
them to Wikibooks 
(, so 
people can collaborate with images, corrections or even link to other routes. 
There's a button in every route so you can easily upload images from your 
experience directly into Commons:

== Three-in-one photo contests ==
WikiLovesMonuments, Earth and Folk are dead! Long live to WikiBizi! We will run 
this three contests from July 1st to September 30th, so people have more time 
to take and upload photos. We will have three categories: Monuments 
(, Nature (open 
concept: and Culture 
(so people can upload old photos from their home fiestas: Each photo contest 
will have prizes and its own campaign.

== GLAM collaboration ==
Summer is for museums. Most museums here have started opening in the last week, 
and we want to help them and collaborate with them. We have written to all the 
museums in the Basque Country and some of them are answering. From the simplest 
collaboration (adding a line and a link to the travel guide) to a full day 
visit and collaboration to free some of their collection with wikimedians, we 
hope to have some GLAM activity during this summer. And who knows, may this be 
the beginning of a beatiful friendship. We have created a page for them:

== WikiTakes ==
When wikimedians visit a place like a swarm, they tend to document everything. 
This is WikiTakes, a proposal we learnt from Wikimedia Spain 
 We will try to adopt this kind of events this summer, and take villages or 
routes together. Of course, is about living a place showing that our towns are 
alive. That's why they won't be called WikiTakes but WikiBizi.



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