My native language is French, automatic translation into English.
This message follows the numerous detection of false 404 links by the Internet 
Archive robot because it is blacklisted on a lot of servers. Small details 
concerning the archiving service of Wikiwix ( 
https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:De_kroeg#Internet_Archive_Bot )
It is based solely on this Javascript to be implemented since 2008 in French 
Wikipedia: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Gadget-ArchiveLinks.js
The advantage of this solution makes it possible to add other archiving 
sources, and does not modify the content of Wikipedia articles.
New links are detected by 3 different means:
• Annual recovery: https://dumps.wikimedia.org/backup-index.html,
• Recovery on IRC and on the WEB of Recents Changes.
And we also recommend clicking on the archive link as soon as the source is 
added by a contributor, this immediately generates storage of the link and 
allows you to test the rendering of the archived page.
In addition to fighting 404 errors, this solution also offers the advantage of 
protecting against changes in content that may appear in the pages to be 
Wikiwix strictly respects copyright, archiving is only done with the author's 
approval using the noarchive tag.
Since 2015, I have been alerting about the deployment of the IA ​​robot: 2015: 
 the bot solution with modification of the template cache is currently 
exclusive to WayBackMachine, 2017: 
https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discussion_user:Pmartin#I_left_you_a_message! : 
attempted collaboration abort by the bot trainer and bot stopped following 
numerous false detections on page 404.
The role of IABOT is to detect the links present in Wikipedia which are in 
errors 404, to find an archive in priority on the WayBack Machine, and to 
modify the articles to replace the dead link there.
This process is not good because IABOT only allows one archive url to be stored 
on all the languages, which greatly favors the Wayback Machine, to the 
detriment of the different versions of the page. While the template should link 
to a page that would list all of the possible archives for a 404 page.
A week has been planned for the end of July 2020 to resolve the few 
stabilization problems that Wikiwix currently encounters, linked to the new 
solution which consumes only 30 euros of electricity per month, we can also 
support this week for a deployment of the solution on the NL part of Wikipedia.

Could someone stop this bots, otherwise the false detection of links will 
become contagious for all projects?

Pascal Martin
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