Considering the context, Gnangarra, I think you owe something a little more
substantial. In the midst of tearing Nat down for misdeeds which you
yourself acknowledge she didn't personally commit (that of Board
miscommunication), and considering your opposition is based on Board
directives that she did not write, you slandered her with an accusation
that is both incorrectly applied to her and false in any case.

As you said, "Taking responsibility for a gross failure does in fact mean
accepting and acknowledging you failed, and then stating what you intend to
do to rectify that failing." I await your demonstration of this principle
which is clearly so critically important to you. Nataliia is a human being
and a volunteer, as are we all, and we should all be better than to toss
off gross insults against colleagues on no basis whatsoever.

On the topic, I think others have said it very well - the core problem is
that this rebranding approach is backward. It should have begun with
community conversations, with a "grass roots" effort to develop a common
understanding of the problem. Instead the Board decided, paid some people a
lot of money to present a narrow range of options, and planned the
community consultation as a last and limited step. These are serious errors
with significant consequences, as we see.

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> My apologies for that error
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