Dear list subscribers,

In my volunteer capacity as list-admin, I write to let you know that
subscriber Gerard Meijssen has been placed on indefinite moderation after
making toxic comments to another subscriber, and failing to apologize for
them after it was pointed out to him.  Gerard had been warned before about
his aggressive conduct on this mailing list.

As most of you know, being placed in moderation still allows moderated
people to contribute to the list, but their posts don't go straight to all
subscribers, but wait for an admin to review and release them, or reject
them.  They are a compromise between wanting to be inclusive of people who
are good faith volunteers but who sometimes find it difficult to maintain
civil discourse on the one hand, and protecting the list's other
subscribers from unacceptable discourse on the other hand.

However, Gerard chose to unsubscribe himself from the list.  We want to be
clear that the moderation remains in force, should he choose to
re-subscribe in the future.

on behalf of the list-admins
Asaf Bartov <>
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