Thank you for notifying the list. I have read Gerard's posts to this list
since 2007, and it's a safe bet that his thousands of messages make him the
single most prolific contributor to this list since it was created. I
appreciate that the moderators felt compelled to act, but I find the
ultimate result unfortunate. I hope that he will reconsider and make the
needed adjustments in his posts; I know that Gerard is a deeply passionate
member of this community, and a particularly fierce and protective advocate
of Wikidata, and for me at least his perspective will be missed.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 3:22 PM Asaf Bartov <> wrote:

> Dear list subscribers,
> In my volunteer capacity as list-admin, I write to let you know that
> subscriber Gerard Meijssen has been placed on indefinite moderation after
> making toxic comments to another subscriber, and failing to apologize for
> them after it was pointed out to him.  Gerard had been warned before about
> his aggressive conduct on this mailing list.
> As most of you know, being placed in moderation still allows moderated
> people to contribute to the list, but their posts don't go straight to all
> subscribers, but wait for an admin to review and release them, or reject
> them.  They are a compromise between wanting to be inclusive of people who
> are good faith volunteers but who sometimes find it difficult to maintain
> civil discourse on the one hand, and protecting the list's other
> subscribers from unacceptable discourse on the other hand.
> However, Gerard chose to unsubscribe himself from the list.  We want to be
> clear that the moderation remains in force, should he choose to
> re-subscribe in the future.
> Asaf
> on behalf of the list-admins
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