Hi everyone,

I’m excited to share an update from Movement Strategy. It’s been two months
since the final recommendations were shared [1] and we remain indebted to
numerous individuals from across our movement that brought us to this
milestone. We have 10 recommendations and 10 principles to work with and
collaboratively create the future that we want for our movement. This
necessitates building on our strengths and creating cultural and structural
changes where needed.

The recommendations and principles as well as blogs and other supporting
materials have been prepared in text, audio, and video formats and in a
variety of languages so they can be accessible for many. [2] Familiarize
yourself with them at your own time, if you haven’t already.

The Wikimedia Foundation is planning a series of virtual events from
September to November where, as a movement, we will transition to
implementing the recommendations. Organizing online events at such a scale
requires a lot of thinking and consideration. How to make sure everyone
interested can participate? How to provide language, technical, and
facilitation support to overcome participation barriers? How to allocate
resources and nurture commitments for implementation? For this, we have
convened a collaborative Design Group [3] that over the next two months
will create a plan for the transition events. We have also assembled a
small team to support this work. [4]

Design discussions are underway and will be open and shared on-wiki for
concurrent input. [5] There will also be a more dedicated feedback sprint
planned for the initial draft in early August. This way we can prepare for
transition events that are inclusive and transparent for deciding what
ideas from the recommendations will be implemented when, in what order, by
whom, and with what resource and support structures. [6] All interested
individuals are encouraged to participate in the design discussions as
reviewers and later in the actual transition events that will shape
implementation. Watch our page as we continue to share materials and

Many of the ideas in the recommendations stem from longstanding discussions
in the movement that predate movement strategy. It has been one of the
purposes of the process to provide a clear and public platform for these
conversations. These ideas include better coordination mechanisms for
individuals and affiliates, organizational structures for a more equitable
movement, enhanced skill building, movement-wide generation and allocation
of resources, researching our impact in the world, and evaluating ourselves
and our work. Advancing these complex and essential topics needs learning
and experimentation. As examples, the Universal Code of Conduct [7] and
OKAPI [8] [9], which are also part of the recommendations and under the
umbrella of our Strategic Direction, are progressing with movement
consultations. We can learn from these discussions and integrate lessons
learned in the planning for the implementation of other initiatives in the
recommendations during the transition.

In short, a summary from the first Design Group discussion has been
uploaded. [5] and we look forward to a fruitful design period ahead and
lively implementation discussions starting in September.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in our meta space or at the
virtual events later this year!

On behalf of the Support Team,








[7] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Universal_Code_of_Conduct

[8] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/OKAPI
[9] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/OKAPI


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