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> I rather have
> that people make their assumptions explicit so that you have an opportunity
> to clarify, and use that as the basis for further conversation.

You seem to be assuming - wrongly - that I have made assumptions which
I have not made explicit.

Ironically, you have not explicitly stated your assumption.

> My reading of this discussion is that there is a lot of 'secrecy' assumed

No secrecy is being assumed. Too much secrecy is being observed.

> where it is probably more a lack of existence of policies in the way Andy
> would like them to exist. This is a known problem with OTRS.

It may well be that some policies that should exist, do not, or are
''de facto'' without being written down. But until we see a
comprehensive list of those that do exist and are written, how can we

> I feel comfortable sharing that the set of OTRS-wide 'policies' that is on
> the wiki, is probably of little interest to this matter.

I am very interested in seeing all those 'policies'; as others have
said they are.

As noted earlier in this thread, I do not see how I could be any more
clear about my wish to see them.

> This is why I
> noted that Jonatan's response could be misleading, because it implies all
> kind of secrecy that doesn't exist.

It stated, not implied, that "the Confidentiality Agreement all OTRS
agents sign" prevented him from answering some of the questions asked
on-wiki in February, and quoted at the start of this thread.

> There are actually a few policies
> linked at [[m:OTRS <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/OTRS>]], that are
> simply copied there (Access, Activity policies).

That page, and those linked from it, do not answer the questions to
which I have already referred.

> There is some stuff about
> privacy, confidentiality and how to deal with mailing lists. Imho nothing
> that exciting.

Perhaps not exciting to you; but I and others argue that such content
should nonetheless be public. We have been told that OTRS agents are
discussing the matter on their private email and IRC channels, but
then... Nothing.

> OTRS is an immensely diverse system, and I don't think it's helpful to try
> to analyze that with overly broad questions.

I do not accept that questions such as, for example:

   5 how is OTRS overseen, and who by?

   7 what is the process for the community to remove an
      individual's OTRS permissions, if they fail to uphold
      or abide by policy?

   9 which individuals can make someone an OTRS agent,
      or remove their permissions?

   10 how are the individuals in #9 appointed and overseen?

are "overly broad"; but if you think they are, how would you narrow their focus?

Andy Mabbett

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