Hi all,

Have there ever been a serious discussion on the idea of having a network of 
Wikipedia branded (co)editing spaces / coffee shops / tea rooms around the 

They could work so that a chapter may apply from the WMF a license to run a 
Wikipedia coediting coffee shop. The WMF could provide some basic things such 
as Wikipedia branded coffee cups, barista aprons and specification of the 
tables, chairs, menu etc. Each Wikipedia coediting space could also offer some 
local delicacies.

The coediting space could seek for profit (shared between the chapter and the 
WMF?), but the primary aim would be to be self-sustainable.

I am sure there are some cons, but I made a quick list of pros:

* Outreach and education
* Community building
* Jobs for Wikipedians
* Fun places for all Wikipedians to visit when in town

Any thoughts?

- Teemu

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