Glad to see this is prompting some discussion!

Dan -

Asking candidates for their current salary is prohibited in San Francisco
> as of July 2018 [1] which means that, as a San Francisco based
> organisation, the Foundation will undoubtedly not be doing this.

Very glad to hear it!

> There are some complexities in disclosing salary ranges for the Foundation.
> One practice that can be used for encouraging diversity in candidate
> applications is to specify that a position is open to candidates with a
> wide range of experience and in all locations in the world, in which case
> the salary range posted will be so large that it will basically be
> meaningless.

That's a fair point. Though it would be possible for the WMF to be clearer
about this - if a post is advertised but  it could end up at several
different pay scales based on how senior a post it ends up being, that
could be noted. And the method by which salary for non-SF-based roles is
calculated could also be explained... "On our US Office scale this role
would pay $50-60k, but as candidates could be appointed anywhere in the
world we adjust salaries based on the cost of living where you are
located". I'm guessing the WMF has developed a systematic method of doing
this somehow.


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