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> I'd hope that the WMF when hiring people in what was considered third world
> or in areas of socially deprived wages that it would pay at least to US
> standards as a matter of principle that employees doing similar jobs should
> basically be treated equally regardless of location.  That where the pay
> and conditions exceed the US the WMF should be ensuring that people there
> are being paid comparable salaries for the similar positions in that
> location, US wages and conditions arent the best for many of their
> positions but that should be no excuse for hiring people at lower
> conditions.
> Socially the biggest issue is the exploitation of cheap labour because
> companies can, the WMF should be doing better than that if truly believes
> in equality in the movement

One could make the argument that the WMF contributes magnitudes more to
global equity by its work on the Wikimedia mission than by paying staff
members, so having half as many staff members for twice the wage in cheaper
regions is an extremely poor trade-off for advancing equity.
(Of course, by the same line of reasoning, San Francisco would be a highly
questionable choice for headquarters.)
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