Hi everyone,

Happy to follow up on our communication from two weeks ago [1] with updates
about Movement Strategy.

Conversations are under way on what initiatives from the recommendations
should be prioritized for implementation in 2021, and how to prepare for
upcoming global discussions. We are happy to update you with guidance for
hosting prioritization events, different ways to let us know your
priorities, and what will come next.

The recommendations and their changes and actions or “initiatives” are
available in different formats and in multiple languages [2]. There are 10
recommendations and close to 50 recommended initiatives. The aim of
prioritization is to understand what people and organizations in the
movement feel are significant actions we need to take in 2021, and to map
out opportunities for collaboration to bring movement strategy to life.

Prioritization should be at the level groups, affiliates, and communities -
local and relevant. To learn more about how to organize your event, please


   The guidance for prioritization [3], and

   Share your results - directly on Meta [4], by email, or by filling out a
   survey [5] before the end of October.

We will come together in November to discuss the priorities that emerge
from the discussions and co-create an 18-month implementation plan for
2021. More information about November’s global events will be shared soon. For
now and until the end of October, organize locally and share the results of
your prioritization discussions.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or
comments, strategy2...@wikimedia.org. We will also be hosting office hours
to answer any questions, Thursday October 1 at 14.00 UTC [6].

On behalf of the Support Team,


[1] Our last post from Sept. 18:

[2] Movement Strategy recommendations in a variety of formats and

[3] Prioritization events central page:

[4] Report your priorities on Meta:

[5] Report your priorities via this survey:
[6] Join our Office Hours on Thursday Oct. 1 @ 14.00 UTC


Kaarel Vaidla (he/him)

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