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I had the misfortune of visiting Wikipedia logged-out the other day, and was 
struck by the large size of the donation banner, and the odd wording of the 
appeal. (Something about awkward and humble.) Re-checking now, the "awkward" 
bit is gone, but the following sentences are still there:
    "If Wikipedia has given you $2.75 worth of knowledge, take a minute to 
donate. Show the editors who bring you neutral and verified information that 
their work matters."

As an occasional editor I want to know: how do the donations show me that the 
work matters? Is there some W?F "appreciation fund" that's going to start 
handing out disbursements to editors? Will the money hire more dev's to 
implement all the unfinished items from the Community Wishlists? Will funds be 
used to run better "community consultations" where the communities are actually 
listened to? Or is it just a big fat cynical marketing lie? 

[Add: okay, I get it that donation appeals have to phrased in a way that 
actually causes people to donate.  But this skates very close to implying that 
Wikipedia's editors are paid from donors' money.]
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