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> In this showcase, Prof. Danielle Bassett will present recent work studying
> individual and collective curiosity as network building processes using
> Wikipedia.
> Date/Time: March 17, 16:30 UTC (9:30am PT/12:30pm ET/17:30pm CET)
> Youtube:
> Speaker: Danielle Bassett (University of Pennsylvania)
> Title: The curious human
> Abstract: The human mind is curious. It is strange, remarkable, and
> mystifying; it is eager, probing, questioning. Despite its pervasiveness
> and its relevance for our well-being, scientific studies of human curiosity
> that bridge both the organ of curiosity and the object of curiosity remain
> in their infancy. In this talk, I will integrate historical, philosophical,
> and psychological perspectives with techniques from applied mathematics and
> statistical physics to study individual and collective curiosity. In the
> former, I will evaluate how humans walk on the knowledge network of
> Wikipedia during unconstrained browsing. In doing so, we will capture
> idiosyncratic forms of curiosity that span multiple millennia, cultures,
> languages, and timescales. In the latter, I will consider the fruition of
> collective curiosity in the building of scientific knowledge as encoded in
> Wikipedia. Throughout, I will make a case for the position that individual
> and collective curiosity are both network building processes, providing a
> connective counterpoint to the common acquisitional account of curiosity in
> humans.
> Related papers:
> Hunters, busybodies, and the knowledge network building associated with
> curiosity.
> The network structure of scientific revolutions.
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