Dear Wikimedians,

I wanted to share a quick update following Wikimedia Deutschland’s
announcement of the Wikimedia Summit 2022 last week.

I am Cornelius, Event Coordinator at the Wikimedia Foundation’s Movement
Strategy and Governance team, and the contact person for all things around
the Summit at WMF’s side. The Movement Strategy and Governance team
collaborates with Wikimedia Deutschland on planning and organizing the
Wikimedia Summit.


   We heard the feedback about the *tough timeline for the application.*
   Talking to everyone involved, we were able to adjust the timeline for the
   application: the application deadline is now April 24. This leaves the
   organizing team about a week to review all applications, the final invitee
   list for the in-person attendance will be published nevertheless on April

   *We’d like to clarify that each affiliate can (and needs) only apply
   once*. Add the name of your primary representative to the form. If your
   affiliate has a paid staff member in the position of an Executive Director,
   please let us know via a short email to, so you’re
   ‘on the radar’.

   We have received and heard repeated questions and suggestions to *open
   up the online participation/attendance for this event* for more
   affiliate representatives and individuals interested in Movement Strategy.
   While we’re reviewing this at the moment with the intention to do so, we’d
   just like to emphasize our need to make this decision consciously, and not
   just based on pure logistical questions. It has a huge impact on the
   concept of the event and the program design overall (especially in the
   hybrid setting), and will also set a precedent for the upcoming years. We
   will publish an update on this soon.

   Last week, we have hosted two “Questions and Answers sessions” around
   the Wikimedia Summit. We have published the questions and answers as notes
   on Meta.

Thanks for all your feedback and engagement around this event. We’ll keep
you posted on the usual channels. If you have any questions in the
meantime, please reach out to the organizing team via




Cornelius Kibelka (he/him)

Event Coordinator

Movement Strategy + Governance


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