Dear Wikimedia friends,

Our path towards an open digital society can only be achieved through open
software solutions. This is why the Wikimedia Deutschland Supervisory Board
adopted a governance reform at our meeting on 9 April and asked Franziska
Heine <>, our
current head of software development, and Christian Humborg
<>, our
current executive director, to jointly take on the leadership of Wikimedia
Deutschland starting 1 August. Franziska will be the first female ED in the
history of Wikimedia Deutschland and Wikimedia Deutschland might be the
first Wikimedia chapter with a dual leadership.

We believe that our decision to introduce a dual leadership is very much in
line with the sentiment of the Wikimedia communities that accessible and
attractive software is and will always be essential for all current and
future Wikimedia projects. Having two co-EDs lends equal weight to
requirements of the community and the resulting software solutions.

Together with the rest of the Supervisory Board, I am very much looking
forward to continuing to work with Franziska and Christian as our new dual
leadership. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Franziska and
Christian for their work on our new governance structure and especially
Christian for convincing us of this path forward.
Kind regards,



Dr. Lukas Mezger
Vorsitzender des Präsidiums / chair of the Supervisory Board

Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. | Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24 | 10963 Berlin
Tel. (030) 219 158 260 – (0151) 268 63 931

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