Hello everyone,

*TL;DR*: Given the community need for in-person events, we are opening a
3rd funding round for Conference funds for events taking place in September
- December 2022. This condensed round will be for events already in
planning. Proposal deadline is June 13, but you are encouraged to submit
your proposal earlier if possible.

Recently we announced the removal of the Covid travel restrictions
and we are now welcoming proposals to support travel again. Since the
announcement, we have heard many communities expressing the urgency and
desire to convene and resume plans of hosting in-person global events.

We wish to respond to that need, and therefore, we have decided to open a
3rd funding round for Conference Fund 2022, to allow communities who have
already started planning their events for the last quarter of 2022, an
opportunity to submit a proposal.

*This will be an expedited round, *meaning - shorter turnaround time, *for
events already in planning* for late 2022.
This condensed round is designed to support events in September - December,
so we have to be able to finalize decisions by June.

We know what it takes to organize and host a global event. It requires a
lot of capacity, time, volunteers, and planning resources. If you haven’t
started organizing your conference, or if you have the option to delay it
until the next round in September - we highly encourage you to take the
time you need to properly plan.

*Who should consider applying to the 3rd round?*

   - If you already have event planning underway for September - December
   2022, with a clear vision, capacity to organize and a proven community
   - If you started planning this event 2 years ago and had to pause due to
   the pandemic, and now can undertake the effort quickly.
   - If you started planning a small scale event, limited by the previous
   restrictions, and now wish to adjust your existing plans to include
   international travel that can be coordinated easily, and require more

This new round *will not replace* round 1 for 2022-2023 (proposal deadline
is September 5 <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Conference>). So if
you are thinking of hosting an event in early 2023 - you should wait for
the September round.

*The 3rd round timeline:*
June 13, 2022 -  proposal deadline
June 14 - June 28, 2022 -  Staff eligibility review and feedback
June 29 - July 6, 2022 -  Revision
July 6 - July 12, 2022 -  Finalizing + Announcements

You are welcome to submit your proposal before June 13. The sooner you
submit and inform us, higher the chances we can process your application

If you have any questions, or want to consult, please reach out to us on

On behalf of the Conference & Events fund program,



Chen Almog (she/her) · חן אלמוג

Senior Program Officer Conference & Events Grants

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