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The WMF published its Form 990 for the 2020 calendar year a week ago[1],
along with an FAQ on Meta[2].

Some salient points:

1. In 2020, the number of Wikimedia employees whose total compensation and
benefits exceeded $300,000 went up to eight. They were:[3]

Katherine Maher, ED ($423,318)
Grant Ingersoll, CTO ($355,523)
Amanda Keton, GC ($350,292)
Jaime Villagomez, CFO ($347,642)
Janeen Uzzell, COO ($336,068)
Anthony Negrin, CPO ($324,916)
Lisa Seitz, CAO ($323,293)
Robyn Arville, CT/CO ($306,579)

In part this reflected salary increases of existing executives, in part it
was due to three new hires filling C-level vacancies (CTO, COO, CT/CO) at
significantly higher compensation levels than their predecessors.

All three of those new hires are no longer with the WMF today, each staying
only around two years.

Of the existing executives' salary increases, a couple seem reasonable
compared to the previous year's figures,[4] but in one case total
compensation went up by over 25% year on year, in another by 14%, without a
change in job title. (US inflation was at around 2% from 2010 to 2020.[5])

Note that present-day compensation levels are likely to be 10–15% higher
than the 2020 figures above.

2. Overall salary costs rose by $12 million on the year prior (we knew this
already from the audited financial statements released in December). The
FAQ now clarifies that the number of employees (320 in 2020, vs. 291 in
2019) on page 1 of the Form 990 refers to US employees only, while the
salary costs figure given on the same page ($67.9M in 2020 vs. $55.6M in
2019) also includes an unspecified number of non-US employees. I have asked
for more detailed information on Meta.



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