Dear all
I’m preparing a proposal for a Wikimania 2022 local event and it would be very 
useful to get some feedback from the community if people are interested in 
attending from other countries. 

Here you find the current list of proposals/drafts for Wikimania local events

I am proposing Esino Lario - in the north of Italy above Lake Como, where 
Wikimania took place in 2016 - for a two-days festival in the weekend of August 
13th and 14th, with a light program of activities (you find Esino among the 
draft applications). 

I am noticing that it is difficult to plan the activities/needs/budget without 
knowing if also people from other countries are interested; so I thought of 
posting here the list of locations. I think looking at the list is also a fun 
way to plan your holidays ;-)

All the best
Iolanda / iopensa
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