Hello all,

My name is Pavlo Kostin, I am an advocacy manager of Wikimedia Ukraine,
responsible for freedom of panorama advocacy efforts. Due to the start of
the full-fledged invasion of the Russian Federation, we had to suspend our
advocacy efforts regarding freedom of panorama in Ukraine. As you can
imagine, a copyright reform is not the main focus of legislators now, as
there are more urgent issues related to the ongoing war. Wikimedia Ukraine
is currently working on making more systemic outreach efforts to get the
content distributed online by Ukrainian state institutions, museums and
cultural institutions published under free licenses.

We are sure that such efforts were done by others in the Movement before,
so we wanted to check if any of them are available to be used as
inspiration, or maybe only a translation is needed. We would be grateful if
you can share any materials used for facilitating the transfer of the
above-listed institutions and partner organizations to free licenses.

Among such materials, there might be the instructions outlining steps these
institutions should undertake to switch to a relevant license; infographics
and presentations for representatives of these institutions to explain the
benefits of free licensing for them; explanatory notes etc.

We would be glad for any piece of information or advice shared so that we
can use it in our advocacy efforts.

If you want to contact me privately, reach out to

Thank you!

Best regards,

Pavlo Kostin

Advocacy Manager

Wikimedia Ukraine
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