Hi Tgr :)  Of course you've been involved in Discourse administration as
much as anyone.

> Our community's hostility to experiments is one of the biggest obstacles
> to adaptation and addressing long-present problems

That seems unfair.  Please reconsider. (your opinion carries a lot of
weight and can be self-actualizing!)
There is certainly a wariness of fragmenting experiments that don't have
the promise of bringing new ideas back into our core tools and sites. It's
great to borrow from & integrate w other projects, and the integration
needs to happen. We need enough gravitational attraction in the core to tie
things together.

If we had a strong persistent vision for how to support multilingual
discourse on our projects, and someone leading its design was warmly
engaged here, pointing out how this contributes to the ongoing work, most
of the stated concerns would go away.

  One-click translation is important.  Talk page sections (and flow) should
have it.  There are solvable details.
  Automatic link-expansion can be handy.  Talk pages should have it as an
option.  There are solvable details.
  The ability to sort a list by voting is important. (People do this
laboriously on wikis all the time!) We should have an in-band solution.

Let's practice fast clear templates for experiments:
 1. Social templates for saying 'we want this', proposing simplest workable
 2. Clarity of maintainers and decision making. Who (in each area) can say
'we *plan* to have this', update roadmaps or plans of record, allocate
time, iterate onp experiments?
 3. Technical templates for trying new tools in a way that informs and
improves our core, and is persistently reusable. (We have tried many
discourse instances. What is the recommended way to synchronize it with a
 4. Giving shout-outs to existing work. Underrated + uplifting. We have
community scripts or feature requests that have tried to add most of these
features to MediaWiki itself. Naming them and their outcomes can highlight
what we still have to learn from new implementations.


(PS. I like this experiment & it motivates MW improvements. But for those
who might not immediately think of what we /lose/ by moving a q&a to a
forum, off the top of my head:
 ~ unified recent changes
 ~ unified notifications
 ~ nestable threading
 ~ coherent archiving
 ~ easy wiki-linking and backlinks
 ~ easy transclusion onto other pages
 ~ the abstraction of talk pages (or other annotation)
 ~ translation flow for non-automated translation

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