Hello Wikimedians!

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing on behalf of the Wikimania 2022 COT to let you know that;


   There is a little extra time extension window given *(up to Tuesday 14th
   June 2022 mid-night in all timezones)* for all people with open program
   submissions to finalize their proposal.

   If you submitted a Program proposal already, you will receive a
   confirmation email today that will indicate the status of your Program
   proposal and the respective next step to be taken.

   Once the Program proposals are received, they will be published
   publicly  on the Wikimania Wiki page.

For more info you can visit the
<https://wikimania.wikimedia.org/wiki/Scholarships>Wikimania 2022
Scholarships Diff post

Thank you and we are looking forward to meeting you all in the Wikimania
2022 Festival!

On behalf of Wikimania 2022 COT

Antoni Mtavangu (He/Him)

Wikimania 2022 COT member

Cofounder-Wikimedia Tanzania

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