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 Selena, we are glad to welcome you to our movement.


On Mon, Jun 13, 2022, 6:10 PM Maryana Iskander <>

> Hi all,
> When I started in January, I  shared with you that one of my top
> priorities
> <>
> coming to the Wikimedia Foundation was to actively step in and support the
> Foundation’s product and technology teams while we recruited executive
> leadership of these mission critical functions with a new Chief Product and
> Technology Officer.
> I am delighted to introduce you to Selena Deckelmann, who will be joining
> the Wikimedia Foundation on August 1. She is based in Portland, Oregon in
> the United States.
> Selena is currently the Senior Vice President at Mozilla, where she has
> been for the last nine years. She leads the Firefox organization of more
> than 400 people responsible for all Firefox product and technology
> functions including desktop, mobile, web platform, and browser services.
> I have gotten to know Selena over several months and also learned from
> people who have worked with her over many years. She is known for
> successfully driving change by getting stakeholders aligned around what’s
> needed, and being seen as a trusted partner. Selena has built strong
> credibility over many years with colleagues and also with a broader
> developer community. She is described as a leader who can make the tough
> decisions, develop skills, grow diverse contributors, and inspire teams.
> She also has a great laugh and looks for joy in her work!
> As context for the recruitment process: given the critical need to get
> this right, we used two firms with global search expertise who
> specialized in product/technology executive leadership roles. This meant
> double the work, but allowed us to more quickly build a large, globally
> diverse pool of over 500 candidates. Once we identified a smaller number of
> finalists, they participated in real-life case studies of some of our
> current challenges and met with Wikimedia stakeholders over the course of
> many months.
> As you all know, we have a highly unique and sometimes difficult
> environment with a multifaceted mission, complex structure, and often
> competing stakeholders. This is going to be a challenge for anyone,
> especially given the steep learning curve at Wikimedia (which I can confirm
> from my own experience!). I hope you will sign up to help me successfully
> onboard Selena as she gets started!
> Selena will share her own message with you shortly, and she can be reached
> directly at
> Maryana
> Maryana Iskander
> Wikimedia Foundation CEO
> ***
> Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Selena Deckelmann as Chief Product and
> Technology Officer
> 13 June 2022, San Francisco  — The Wikimedia Foundation today announced
> the appointment of Selena Deckelmann as Chief Product and Technology
> Officer. Selena is currently serving as Senior Vice President of Mozilla,
> where she was responsible for Firefox. She will officially join on August
> 1, 2022.
> Selena will lead the product and technology teams at the Wikimedia
> Foundation. These teams support the technology infrastructure and
> innovation that powers Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia, one of the
> most visited websites in the world with more than 16 billion pageviews per
> month. They also enable more than 300,000 global volunteers to edit
> Wikimedia projects each month.
> “Selena has a proven track record of delivering results by enabling
> individuals and teams to tackle unique and often complex challenges,” said
> Maryana Iskander, CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation. “She has dedicated her
> career to open source technologies for empowerment and inclusion.”
> At Mozilla, where she has been for nearly a decade, Selena currently leads
> the Firefox organization of more than 400 people responsible for all
> Firefox product and technology functions including desktop, mobile, web
> platform, and browser services. She oversaw some of the company’s most
> significant achievements including performance projects like Quantum Flow,
> architectural changes like Project Fission, key features like Enhanced
> Tracking Protection and Total Cookie Protection, and services such as
> Firefox Monitor. In her nine years at Mozilla, Selena held various other
> roles including Vice President for Firefox Desktop, Senior Director for Web
> Platform Engineering and Gecko Runtime, and Senior Manager for Gecko
> Security Engineering.
> Selena also brings experience from her previous roles as co-founder of
> Prime Radiant, a software as a service business that explored how to
> improve business processes at scale with checklist automation software, and
> as Consulting Director of Development for The Ada Initiative, an
> organization that was dedicated to increasing the participation of women in
> open source and technology communities. She was a major contributor to
> PostgreSQL, one of the largest free and open source databases in the world.
> “Open collaboration produces better solutions for the world, and
> technology is a critical enabler of making this true,” said Selena. “I look
> forward to contributing to Wikimedia’s inspiring free knowledge mission.”
> As Chief Product and Technology Officer, Selena will work with Wikimedia
> Foundation staff, technical contributors, volunteer developers,
> researchers, and communities to support Wikimedia’s 2030 Movement Strategy
> <>
> to advance free and open access to knowledge. The majority of the
> Foundation is focused on product and technology development in service of
> our mission.
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