The question of you is important. The Wikimedia Foundation hired a lot of 
people in the last years and I do not see so big change in the output. It is a 
question that is from my point of view relevant for different areas at the 
Wikimedia Foundation. I dont support a too big focus on efficiency that needs a 
lot of metrics to measure and to create these metrics needs then a lot of 
staff. What is needed and what not is not easy to measure. With increasing 
available resources the staff will probably increase. This is an usual 
behaviour of humans that they try to use resources if available and do not only 
allocate them for the future or say no and try to reduce the needed resources 
if not neccessary. From my point of view the Wikimedia Foundation should reduce 
the Fundraising acitivities and try to reduce in the next years the yearly 
expenses or pay at least attention that they do not increase further. The 
salaries at the Wikimedia Foundation are currently from my point of view in 
relation to Germany based NGOs high. I think interesting documents to get an 
overview about the work of the Wikimedia Foundation are the quaterly tuning 

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