That's a good option but I suppose that the same Affcom structure must be
re-considered probably enlarging the number of members and diversifying
more in terms of representatives of the different stakeholders (including
maybe more people from the affiliates and chapters?).

This discussion should be naturally a discussion done by the community and
not by the Affcom itself, naturally, like it's happening for the whole

Kind regards

On Mon, Jul 11, 2022 at 8:54 PM Wojciech Pędzich <> wrote:

> During the strategic meeting of the Affiliations Committee (AffCom) in
> Paris on June 24-26, members discussed how AffCom may be able to support
> the movement in relation to the upcoming Hubs pilot process. We reviewed
> two issues – whether it was within AffCom’s remit to contribute to the
> Hub pilot process and if so, what our involvement might look like.
> AffCom has, since its inception in 2004, worked directly with all
> Affiliates across the movement, i.e.: User Groups, Chapters, and
> Thematic Organizations. Our role, as it has evolved, is to support these
> different entities as they come into being and then as they grow, ensure
> that they integrate best practices and with a view to long-term
> sustainability. This has provided AffCom with both a broad overview, as
> well as a deep understanding, of the various challenges faced by
> affiliates across a range of circumstances that include socio-cultural
> issues and affiliate-based conflicts. Hubs are intended to function as
> formal movement bodies constituted by existing groups and/or affiliates,
> able to  use Wikimedia trademarks to present their association. They
> will need to be independent, legally constituted Affiliates, recognised
> by the Board of Trustees. This introduces a significant and exciting new
> Affiliate model to our movement and AffCom would welcome the opportunity
> to bring our institutional knowledge and experience to assist in their
> development.
> Recognising the principles of subsidiarity, the committee would like to
> offer its support as an advisory body for the Hubs piloting process,
> working with the community to develop a process that will lead,
> ultimately, to their approval by the WMF Board of Trustees.
> Wojciech Pędzich
> on behalf of AffCom
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