In December 2021, the Wikimedia Foundation announced
our new Human Rights Policy. At the time, we also committed
to publishing more information from the Human Rights Impact Assessment
(HRIA) that helped to inform the policy. Today, I am glad to be able to
share that HRIA with you all.

Wikimedia projects play an important role in enabling people around the
world to exercise their human rights, including the right to access
knowledge. As host of these projects, the Foundation is committed to
protect and respect the human rights of all those who use our projects to
access, share, and contribute knowledge. In recognizing this critical role,
we commissioned the Human Rights Impact Assessment in 2020 to provide a
better understanding of potential human rights harms our projects may
inadvertently cause as well as recommendations to address them. We release
the report now to invite broader discussion on the report’s findings and
recommendations in order to determine which ones the Foundation should
prioritize moving forward.

You can find the assessment on Meta-Wiki
which includes a foreword authored by the Foundation, an executive summary
of the assessment, and a detailed analysis of the five categories of human
rights risks identified in the report (harmful content, harassment,
government surveillance and censorship, impacts on child rights, and
limitations on knowledge equity). The foreword and executive summary are
also available in Arabic
Chinese (Traditional)
and Spanish
You can also find more information about the assessment in a blog post
on Diff.

We will be hosting a series of conversation hours in the coming weeks where
we invite feedback and ask questions about the assessment:


   14 July (18:00–19:30 UTC): Community Affairs Committee Meeting


   28 July (12:00 UTC): Global Advocacy Community Conversation Hour


   28 July (17:00 UTC): Global Advocacy Community Conversation Hour

We also invite questions and feedback on the discussion page
of the assessment on Meta-Wiki as well as through the Movement Strategy

This assessment can help all stakeholders in the Wikimedia movement to
better understand the human rights risks and threats that we jointly face,
and the work required to reduce those risks. By doing so, the Foundation,
volunteers, and affiliates can work together to protect both our movement
and our people.

We look forward to engaging with all of you on this HRIA, its
recommendations, and your thoughts on how to move forward on the insights
offered by this report.

Thank you,

*Ricky Gaines *(he/him)
Senior Human Rights Advocacy Manager
Wikimedia Foundation
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