Thanks for the answer, Lauren.

I have been looking at the stats of the last 4 weeks in Twitter, Facebook and 
Instagram, to make an idea of the activity those accounts have. I don't know 
how many people takes part in the process, but as I read "We" in the answer, 
I'm going to assume that is more than one person to do all of this job.

In Twitter, before my e-mail (after that there was a tweet by Wikimedia Chile 
that was mentioned by @Wikipedia), the last tweet was two days before. From 
June 10th to July 10th 34 tweets were done, 5 of them about the concept "tea". 
That makes roughly one tweet a day, but there have been many days without any 
tweet activity. In Facebook I count 24 posts related to Wikipedia. This is 0,77 
posts per day. In Instagram the situation is worse, only 9 posts in one month, 
is to say, one every 3 days. It could be that June 10th to July 10th is a bad 
moment, but I have looked up previous months, and the trend is the same: most 
of the days is 1 tweet, there are some days with 0 activity, and some other 
days with 3-4 tweets, usually about the same topic.

I don't know how long it takes to do that, but based on my experience managing 
social media, this activity (a tweet a day, 0,7 posts in Facebook a day and 0,3 
posts in Instagram, that actually are about the same topic) takes around 30 
minutes per day, a little bit longer if I need to take extra-extra care to 
choose the article. I don't know how many workers are in this process, but I 
assume that the "we" means than is more than one.

Let me help with this, because there are many processes that can booster the 
activity and make our engagement in social media better. In the French 
Wikipedia they have a page where people can propose tweets about curious things 
( These 
tweets are shared with the hashtag #WPLSV<>. 
Viquipedia<> is another success story, with a 
great engagement (far better than the @Wikipedia account, by the way).

In the Basque Wikipedia account ( we have an 
internal shared spreadsheet where we put in the columns the days and in the 
rows the scheduled time for the tweet. Every day (yes, we have only one time 
zone, what makes things easier) we try to open with two "on this day". This is 
extra easy, because you only need to look to the article about the day and 
choose some that may be interesting or round numbers (100 years ago today...). 
Then we try to tweet every day something about science, then social sciences or 
history, a building, a fiction or artwork and we end the day with a third "on 
this day" that may be more curious. We have two extra time sections reserved 
for news about Wikipedia itself (statistics, wikiprojects, featured content...) 
and something related to news of the day/current events. We also tweet about 
sex whenever we have new content every Friday at 23:59. This makes around 8 
tweets a day, with some extra options if we have something extra to tell, or 
there is an important recent death, etc... Is true that we are not posting in 
Facebook or Instagram, but this is a task we do when we have spare time in our 
regular jobs: we don't have any extra worker to manage them. It takes around 
4-5 hours to make a full schedule for a month (and it would take less in 
English Wikipedia, where there's plenty of content), and then around 8-10 hours 
to schedule the ~250 tweets we make a month.

If you need help to manage the Twitter account, don't hesitate on contacting 
other members of the community. We can help with this.


From: Andy Mabbett <>
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On Wed, 13 Jul 2022 at 01:23, Samuel Klein <> wrote:
> +1, not just en:wp. I'd love to see community mods involved in maintaining 
> the core social accounts.

We have a Facebook group (not the ideal venue, but it works for those
of us on that site), "Wikimedia social media hub" [1], for that; but
WMF staff decided to cease their involvement about 18 months ago.

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