Dear fellow Wikimedians,

I am happy to announce that *the report of June 24-26 Global Hub
Conversations is now published on meta
and ready for your reading and comments. You can either use report talk page
[2], criteria talk page
[3], Movement Strategy Forum
[4] or Movement Strategy Telegram groups to ask questions or share your
feedback and insights.

For easier access I am summarizing key outcomes and next steps from the
event also in this email thread:

*Key agreements*
➼ There is value of the criteria to guide and inform the work on hubs
➼ The number of currently proposed criteria was perceived as too high
➼ 5 core criteria for piloting: 1) A Stated Goal, 2) Public Documentation,
3) Needs Assessment, 4) Clear Plan, 5) Connection to Movement Strategy
➼ The criteria should rather function as guidelines than blockers
➼ The principle of the subsidiarity would need to be followed in hub pilot
➼ Expectation of continuous support to the groups setting up their hubs in
various forms

*Open questions*
➼ It was not discussed in detail what the implementation of subsidiarity
principle in the hub work would mean in practice.
∙ What information and guidance is provided to empower them to implement
self-management and subsidiarity?
∙ How are potential overlaps and conflicts between hub pilots managed in a
“bottom-up” process?
∙ What guardrails are needed to avoid duplications and redundancies among

➼ What does the Movement expect from Hub pilots in terms of monitoring,
evaluation, and learning?
∙ How could a structure for connecting Hubs pilots and enabling peer
sharing and learning look alike?
∙ How is accountability of Hubs pilots in terms of documentation and
information sharing ensured?
∙ How is it ensured that Hubs pilots are comparable across the Movement?

➼ How do Hubs pilots access and acquire support?, including
∙ Access to financial resources.
∙ Access to staff support and advice for designing, planning, and executing
the pilots.

*Next steps*
➼ By end of July 2022: Comprehensive report regarding the feedback on
proposed Minimum Piloting Criteria (on Meta + MS Forum), to be published by
WMF Movement Strategy + Governance team
➼ By Wikimania 2022: New version of the criteria/guidelines and request for
feedback, by WMF Movement Strategy + Governance team
➼ By Wikimedia Summit 2022: Further agreement / responses to above
mentioned open questions on support structures for Hubs Pilots, by WMF
Movement Strategy + Governance

I am looking forward to continuing constructive conversations with you all
to advance the work on the hubs and movement strategy!

Happy reading and have a great end of the week!


On Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 11:53 PM Cornelius Kibelka <> wrote:

> Registration closes tonight. Please register if you'd like to join!
> Cornelius Kibelka <> schrieb am Mi., 15. Juni
> 2022, 01:24:
>> Hello everyone,
>> thanks for being patient with us. As announced previously, WMF's Movement
>> Strategy and Governance team will host a *global conversations event on
>> regional and thematic hubs <> on June
>> 24, 25 and 26 (Meta page
>> <,_2022>)*
>> After a revision of the program, the event will focus on the discussion
>> around the proposed *Minimum Criteria for Hub Pilots*
>> <>*.* It
>> is intended to be a space to gather feedback on the criteria and build
>> consensus among participants to develop and fine-tune the draft, while
>> taking into account concerns and disagreements shared by participants
>> before and at the event.
>> To enable more participants to participate and share their opinion, the
>> event consists of three sessions of 120 min each, organized across
>> different time zones (on June 24, 25 and 26 a session each). We will
>> provide *interpretation *for Arabic (June 24+25), Spanish (June 24+25),
>> French (June 24+25), Russian (June 24), and Portuguese (June 25) 
>> Registration for
>> the event is now open, it closes on June 23.
>> Please find all details on our event page.
>> <,_2022>
>>  If you can’t wait until the event to discuss the hub matters, join the
>> discussion on meta <>, on
>> Telegram with Movement Strategy <> or Hubs
>> specific <> groups or *the very newly
>> available **MS Forum
>> <>.*
>> Best regards,
>> Cornelius
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>> Cornelius Kibelka (he/him)
>> Event Coordinator
>> Movement Strategy + Governance
>> <>
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