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AffCom’s response here is to a specific Hub pilot project, not necessarily the long-term future of Hubs, and hence the initial statement published on July 11. AffCom is comprised of a body of volunteers from across the Movement who have joined the Committee from various projects and who have a wide range of experience across opportunities and challenges when Wikimedia groups gather and formalize.

We do not see the situation in which Hubs are emerging as any threat to the communities that already exist.  Hubs, in their structure, can be seen as a variety of affiliates who are gathering together to create something new. In this manner, AffCom is definitely in a position to help Hubs grow and prosper. While structures similar to the current discussion on Hubs have previously existed, there is an advantage in having Hubs work officially as structures similar to Affiliates, and this is where the word “pilot” comes in. This is intended to indicate the beginning of having Hubs as established structures with the current infrastructure of communities that already exists.

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Wojciech, on behalf of AffCom

W dniu 12.07.2022 o 11:13, Gnangarra pisze:
As hubs are not replacing the relationship between affiliates and affcom, hubs purpose is to serve its community across multiple countries.  I can see the value in Affcom sharing some of its experiences but I caution against the building of deeper power structures that widen the gap between individual contributors, the BOT, and the WMF.   That gap will get even wider once the global council is put in place, there are already significant communication problems, made worse by the lack of project experience within the WMF staff, its contractors, and the BOT

For many years these hubs have successfully existed outside Affcom control, I think there should be greater respect shown to hubs for that work treating hubs as pilots is itself disrespectful. Outside of Europe where EU law allows cross border responsibility, hubs governance structures face considerable legal hurdles from insurance to individuals being required to make themselves subject to the laws of another jurisdiction to hold a position of responsibility.

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    This discussion should be naturally a discussion done by the
    community and not by the Affcom itself, naturally, like it's
    happening for the whole strategy.

I wholeheartedly support this point, these discussions need to run independent Affcom.

On Tue, 12 Jul 2022 at 16:34, Philip Kopetzky <> wrote:

    Hi Wojciech,

    thanks for this statement, it will definitely be helpful to have
    AffCom's insights into the current affiliates network when talking
    about hubs. While approval by the WMF BoT is one option, wouldn't
    that require a hub to be a formal organisation? Otherwise the BoT
    would be involved in micro-managing project grants that are
    funding some of the hub pilots.

    It would also be helpful to design the process in a way that has
    the Global Council in mind where in its absence the WMF BoT acts
    in its absence, to make clear that this is only a temporary
    solution because of how slow progress on the movement charter has
    been in the last two years.


    On Mon, 11 Jul 2022 at 20:54, Wojciech Pędzich
    <> wrote:

        During the strategic meeting of the Affiliations Committee
        (AffCom) in
        Paris on June 24-26, members discussed how AffCom may be able
        to support
        the movement in relation to the upcoming Hubs pilot process.
        We reviewed
        two issues – whether it was within AffCom’s remit to
        contribute to the
        Hub pilot process and if so, what our involvement might look like.

        AffCom has, since its inception in 2004, worked directly with all
        Affiliates across the movement, i.e.: User Groups, Chapters, and
        Thematic Organizations. Our role, as it has evolved, is to
        support these
        different entities as they come into being and then as they
        grow, ensure
        that they integrate best practices and with a view to long-term
        sustainability. This has provided AffCom with both a broad
        overview, as
        well as a deep understanding, of the various challenges faced by
        affiliates across a range of circumstances that include
        issues and affiliate-based conflicts. Hubs are intended to
        function as
        formal movement bodies constituted by existing groups and/or
        able to  use Wikimedia trademarks to present their
        association. They
        will need to be independent, legally constituted Affiliates,
        by the Board of Trustees. This introduces a significant and
        exciting new
        Affiliate model to our movement and AffCom would welcome the
        to bring our institutional knowledge and experience to assist
        in their

        Recognising the principles of subsidiarity, the committee
        would like to
        offer its support as an advisory body for the Hubs piloting
        working with the community to develop a process that will lead,
        ultimately, to their approval by the WMF Board of Trustees.

        Wojciech Pędzich
        on behalf of AffCom
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