Hello everyone,

The seventh workshop on the topic of "Writing Wikidata queries using the
WDQS tool" is coming up - it will take place on Tuesday, August 30th at
16:00 UTC.
You can find more details on the workshop and a link to join here

This session will focus on how to access and save information to Wikidata,
including through page generators and queries++, using pywikibot.
It will also cover the Wikidata conventions about bot-editing, including
the bot approvals process.

To participate in this workshop, you would need basic familiarity with
Wikidata and Pywikibot installation.
You can add your discussion ideas on the etherpad doc

We look forward to your participation!

[2]: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/swt-wikidata-pywikibot-scripts


Seyram Komla Sapaty
Developer Advocate
Wikimedia Cloud Services
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