Hi all,

I want to bring a legal concern here on Google's misuse of our content. [It 
came up today on 
 that the GoogleTV app had linked a movie description text in Catalan language 
(which in principle it should be good news regarding language normalization). 
However, shortly after a wikipedian colleague realised that the text was fully 
taken by the Catalan Wikipedia. Once I downloaded the app by myself, I 
double-checked that Google does not specify anywhere (or at least that I could 
find minimally visible) that those lines belong to Wikipedia: neither the 
origin, the license, nor a link to the full article or to the CC license.

I'd like to recall the licensing footpage on Wikipedia(Text is available under 
the [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 
 and its conditions, as well as to ask others to check whether there's more 
situations like this one. It's worth noting how wrong this is to minoritised 
language Wikipedias: not only the legal issue itself, but also the lack of 
legitimate clicks and views that we end up losing, the confusion and 
misunderstandings from the readers that think this is a win by Google (the 
example I shared, with both screenshots enclosed), and even a subsequent 
chicken-and-egg situation that can lead to deleted articles by some users 
thinking that the content was stolen from Google and not actually the opposite.

I remember that there was a previous thread here, not so long ago, about the 
problems of Google taking over our data and therefore diminishing clicks to the 
Wikimedia projects. Considering that I am fully against the GAFAM-drift that 
the WMF is increasingly adopting by benefiting from Google in our human, 
economical and digital structures, I prefer to share it here as well -and not 
only to the legal team of the WMF (cced).

Kind regards,

Xavier Dengra
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