The Wikimedia Deutschland Movement Strategy & Global Relations Team has
published Paper #2 in the WMDE-authored series on Movement Strategy topics.

Titled Decentralized Fundraising, Centralized Distribution
this research report describes the fundraising and distribution practices
of eight large international NGO confederations and networks, and puts them
in the context of the changing Wikimedia Movement.

2030 Movement Strategy calls on us to change many things - among them how
we generate and share funds among regions, affiliates and communities.
Subsidiarity, equity, and participation are just some of the key values and
principles to be incorporated.

At the 2022 Wikimedia Summit, funding and redistribution will be discussed
in detail. Wikimedians will later write their agreements in the charter,
hub policies, and the fundraising policy.

The report's overview of existing practices will help create a joint
language and inform the discussions.

The paper deliberately refrains from recommendations. In addition to the
research, it does provide an overview of the history of Wikimedia resource
development, discusses the elements of movement strategy related to
funding, and finally poses a series of questions helpful to frame the
further conversation.

Looking forward to comments and a good discussion.



Nikki Zeuner
Senior Advisor Global Partnerships

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