It's not exactly volunteer time. According to the documentation on
Meta-Wiki[1] each of the 16 listed working group members is appointed for
one year, and receives a stipend of $600 per year for their participation
(estimated at 5 hours per week).

I am surprised to see that the working group includes one member who is
site-banned from the English Wikipedia. Their site ban, enacted by ArbCom
in 2016, was due to a history of sockpuppeting, self-promotion,
autobiographical editing, misrepresenting their professional
qualifications, copyright infringements, misrepresentation of sources and
introducing numerous errors into scientific articles.[2][3]

I would rather have seen that member apply for rehabilitation on the
English Wikipedia first, before applying for and being given a role in a
working group tasked with defining "good leadership" in the context of the
Wikimedia movement.




On Sun, Sep 18, 2022 at 12:05 PM Dan Garry (Deskana) <>

> On Sun, 18 Sept 2022 at 10:36, Philip Kopetzky <>
> wrote:
>> "* This project is specifically to develop a leadership development plan
>> that the Community Development team, a team which has some great people on
>> it and a serious possibility for good in supporting volunteers, can use to
>> do their work effectively. *" - I'm a bit dismayed that we are using
>> volunteer time in the name of the strategy process to provide a centralised
>> WMF team with the knowledge they need to do their job. This is not what the
>> 2030 strategy is about - it is a  self-centred approach by a WMF team to
>> stay relevant.
> If you don't think it's a worthwhile time investment for you, then you can
> choose not to participate. If others do feel it's worthwhile, they can
> choose to participate. If nobody chooses to participate, then I'd say
> there's a lesson to be learnt about the relevance of the consultation, and
> whether it was worth pursuing.
> I don't think we need to police the time of other volunteers. People can
> choose what to do.
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