Hi everyone,

Wikidata's 10th anniversary is coming in the following days and the social 
media accounts start to talk about it, mostly from institutional/official 
Wikimedia profiles. That's really good! As one of the responsibles of the 
microblogging handles of the Catalan Wikimedia projects, we are also thinking 
on a good coverage on Twitter for next weekend, to publicly explain its 
advantages, successes and uses to free knowledge.

I'd like to remind that we are a multilingual movement and that both Wikidata 
and also networks like Twitter are really active in other languages than 
English. For this reason, being #Wikidata10 the most neutral and easy hashtag, 
I do not really get why #WikidataBirthday was the final choice to communicate 
this milestone. This obviously masks outreach efforts from other languages 
without being contingent upon English-speaking contexts.

Similar cases have happened in the past. For example, #Wikipedia20 was huge on 
Twitter in January 2021 by @Wikipedia and @Wikimedia, but then the WMF comms 
team utterly ommited to consider the rest of birthdays of the first group of 
non-English versions along the year (luckily the good press did its work and 
covered well many of those languages when their 20 years arrived). Please, 
remember that it may seem a small detail, but these things -a simple hashtag 
without anglocentric vision- also make a difference on language perspective 
(especially after such a time, money and human-consuming Strategy 2030 that 
boasts about equity and diversity).

We'll certainly use #Wikidata10 and we encourage other languages to do the same.

Thank you for giving it a thought.

Xavier Dengra
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